This is the v0.2 Aruba release of the OpenSDS project.


The Aruba release adds the following functionality:

  • Array-based replication
  • Cinder compatible API
  • Containerized deployment
  • Controller API request filter
  • Create volume from snapshot
  • Dashboard UI interface
  • Extend volume support
  • Fibre channel protocol support
  • Host-based replication
  • Multi-tenancy support in the API
  • OpenStack Keystone authentication
  • Storage backend capabilities reporting
  • Storage pool capability reporting
  • Volume groups

The full details of changes between the Zealand pre-release and the Aruba release can be found here:…v0.2.0

The differences between the last v0.1.10 release and this release can be found here:…v0.2.0

The Aruba deliverable includes the OpenSDS Controller (hotpot), the northbound plugins (sushi), and the installer. The v0.2.0 deliverables can be downloaded for each using the links below:



OpenSDS Installer